World Financial Intelligence

We Work Globally to Help Make your Trade a Safer and More Prosperous One

At the World Financial Intelligence service (WFI) – otherwise known as WFI – our mission is clear. We work secretly, responsible for providing where incomplete and rare financial information is transformed into unique insights that gain a decision advantage for you.  We help you identify and exploit opportunities as well as navigate risks to your decisions, identify small and large movements in the economy.

We work across all currency pairs, stocks and indices to counter negativity, resolve poor outlooks and prevent the spread of economic loss. We are here to help protect special interests.


Our Mission


Preempt financial threats and further your objectives by collecting intelligence that matters, and safeguarding the trade secrets that help keep your financial position.
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History : Market Threats


From counter market negativity, fake movements, to market manipulation and recognizing what’s not real and perceived random in an unpredictable financial market. This is built into the core history of World Financial Intelligence.
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Careers : Apparatus

“This is my Secret – Always and Forever”

Join us to see the invisible and do the impossible. View the potential of working with World Financial Intelligence and find out where you could fit in.
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The Determined Trader

One positive day, a thirsty trader searched all over the charts in every currency pair looking for opportunities. For a longtime, she could not find any. She felt very weak, almost giving up hope that day. Then Suddenly, she saw a light…